Congratulations to our 2013 Walk to Cure Diabetes Award Winners!


JDRF Houston is pleased to recognize the top fundraising teams and individuals who made the 2013 Houston walk to Cure Diabetes a success!  Thank you for your commitment to JDRF and for joining our quest to turn type 1 into type NONE!  If you have received an award, you can pick them up at the JDRF Houston Office between now and February 14, 2014.


Diamond Level of Distinction – Presented to teams who raise $50,000 or more


CenterPoint Energy




Crystal Level of Distinction – Presented to teams who raise $25,000 – $49,999

Allegiance Bank

BP America

Bethany and Noah’s Believers

Madeline’s Mob

Sequent Energy





Platinum Level of Distinction – Presented to teams who raise $10,000 – $24,999


Bailey’s Buddies

Caroline’s Cruisers

Charlie’s Angels

Team Hagans




Team Skip to my LuLu

Team Twins – Avery & Skylar



Gold Level of Distinction – Presented to teams who raise $5,000 – $9,999

Baker Hughes

Becca’s Buddies

Cara’s Crew

Ernst & Young

Matt’s Mates

Team Vittor

Hlavinka McIntyre Family Team

Martha Turner Properties


Team Reilly

Team Gracey

Team Vishal

Team Dane

Lindsey T1D Crew


Gracie’s Racers

Kylie’s Krusaders – The Nance Family


The Retro Roberts



Silver Level of Distinction – Presented to teams who raise $2,500 – $4,999

EK’s Sugar Striders

Awesome Austin’s Army


Cristian’s Crew

Adobe Equipment Houston

PA – Pumpers Anonymous

Leah’s Groovy Crew

Team Parker

Team Stick-It

Collin’s Cure Crew

Bryan’s Believers

Katelyn’s Calm Walkers

Team Pierce

Amibridge Hospitality

Victoria’s Crew

Kaegan’s Krew

Dean’s Daredevils


Cure for Courtney

Maddie’s Angels

Team Tyler

Team Dylan

Marston’s Army

Team Belle

Cindy Muller Team

Cousins 4 A Cure

Jaci’s Jaguars

Ally’s Angels

The Hansen Family

Team Jakob

Team Lily

Team Tyler #1

Emily’s Entourage

Glycohemoglobin Trotters

Cash America

Amegy Bank

Chemberlyn’s Champs

Katy’s Krewe

Alyssa’s Aces

Sysco Corporation

Emma’s Con”CURE”rs

Layton’s Hope

Sara’s Steppers

Rose Garden

Team Chelsea

Sydney’s Stars

Andy’s Hope

JDRF Houston Board Team


Research Level of Distinction – Presented to teams who raise $500 – $2,499

Team corette5

Hayley’s Fight

Kyleigh’s Krew

BSP Marketing

Team JLay

Team Rylan

Ashley’s Angels

Team Angela



Scarlett’s Roses

Matt’s Mission

Garrett’s Gang

Stillwagon’s Army

Gage’s Gang

Team SugarHi

Coca-Cola Refreshments

Team Bornstein

Team Anita

The Dia-Beaters

Coral’s Reef Crew

Peyton’s Pals

Cameron’s Crusaders

Dylan’s Dynamos

Team Thunder

Johan’s All-Stars

Team Gracie

Caris & Company


Ryan’s Dream Team

Team Varela Version 2.0

Keanna’s Cure-iators

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Ali’s Army

Team Canaan


Team Patrick

Terrific Team Nicole

Varma/Davis Clan

DSL General Contractors, Inc.

Matt’s Marchers

Torri’s Tornado

Team Hope


Episcopal High School Knights

Rachel’s Lifesavers

First Junior Woman’s Club

Wiest Twin Power

Addie’s Dia-Beaters

Team Good Glucose

Renie’s Walkers

Savanna Sugar Shakers

Kimber Krew

I hate needles

Team Tristan

Footloose and Sugar Free

Wayne’s Walk

Team Kassie

Alana’s Brave Crew

Team Alexis – Diabetes: In it to win it

Emily Bradley

Sue’s Medalist Team

Diabetic Divas

Team Nintendo

Team Lizi

Team Julie’s Shoes

Kruse Elementary

Team Diabadass

Team Cameron


Princess Kimmy’s Royal Court

Team Cherish

Missouri City Church of Christ


Burton Family

Joe’s Crew

Makenna’s Mile


Team Spirit Awards


Rising Star Award


Each year we are amazed by the new teams that join the Walk.  They bring new ideas and energy to this event and truly are the Rising Stars of JDRF.  This award recognizes one new family and one new corporate team who truly are “on the rise”.  This year’s Rising Star Award goes to Madelines Mob and TransCanada.



Golden Pom Pom Award

This award recognizes outstanding enthusiasm and energy for finding a cure; a team that has gone above and beyond the call of duty in the name of JDRF while having a lot of fun along the way.  These awards go to Matt’s Mates and Allegiance Bank.


Behind the Scenes Award

This award is presented to the family and corporate team who works tirelessly behind the scenes of the Walk to Cure Diabetes.  They quietly go about making major impacts on the Walk through fundraising and volunteering.  Tonight we present the Behind the Scenes Award to the The Atchison Family and LaMadeleine.


Heart and Sole Award

This award recognizes one family team and corporate team who put in 110% and who are not afraid of a little sweat. They embody the mission of JDRF and inspire all of us to join them in putting in that extra effort.  This category recognizes not only a family and corporate team, but also an individual who single put his heart and soul into the Walk to Cure Diabetes.  This year’s Heart and Sole Award goes to Bethany and Noah’s Believers and CenterPoint Energy.


The Most Festive Tent Award

The best decorated tents were judged by a secret panel of volunteers on walk day.  There were so many festive, creative and fun tents on walk day, but two really stood out.  The winners are Bailey’s Buddies and PwC.


The People’s Choice T-Shirt Contest

As always, we had some creative and fun submissions for this year’s contest.  The winners you selected via Facebook voting Team Calpine and Jackson’s Jedis.


2014 Golden Sneaker Recipients

JDRF would like to recognize all the individuals who raised $1,000 or more for this year’s Walk with the highly coveted Golden Sneaker award.  Thank you for your leadership in fundraising and for helping us turn type 1 into type NONE!


Dan Yates

Michelle Schnakenberg

Jordan Amis

Alyson Beicker

Madeline Todd

William Hagans

Lulu Aklestad

Bailey Stanfield

Bethany Smith

Grayson Schnellhardt

Lucas Vittor

Rebecca Shick

Dane  Woolwine

Bill Jacquot

Marshall Lang

Michelle Ormsby

Sheri Hansen

Karen Harberg

Cathy Erber

Kylie Nance

Craig Reffner

Jon Draeger

Walter Hlavinka

Josey Duke

Brianna Armstrong

Bethany Mathews

Alicia Gott

Noah          Mathews

Matt Lucas

Ellen Klare Brown

Laura Lopez

Maria Caplan

Carlos  Sandoval

Lauri Newton

Maddilynn Kelly

Mary Ward

Carolyn Boardman

Jennye Pusch

Cindy Muller

Lynda Irvine

Amanda Sandoval

Lesley Arizpe

Kaegan Gage

Sonsiree Driskel

Brenda Mathews

Dana Hughes

Jose Sanchez

Linda  Winston

Jacy Brie Barnwell

Megan Roiz

Michelle DeVoe

Emma Golightly

Matthew Boardman

Michelle Nguyen

Matthew Holmes

Alex Edwards

Chelsea Johnson

Haden Atchison

Brandon & Bryce Hall

Corey Melke

Mike Narvaez

Cassie Landrum

Eva Hollingsworth

Patricia Wright

Courtney Smith

Melissa Reese

Madeline Moreno Medeles

Betty Cole

Donna Hawes

Angela Rivera

Steve Goolsby

Austin Dubec

Layton Holley

Fabienne Morrell

Anna Homoki

Reba          Dickson

Teri Corbett

Robin Groeper

Wendy Rosenfeld

Sheila Day

Dominick Corette

Garrett Matherne

Ann Marie McWillis

John Hampton

Sheila Shaw

Tony Dimiceli

Emily          Airhart

Michael Dillard

Robert Perritt

Nancy Duncan

Tom Standish

Peyton Thorn

Barbara Williams

Patti Patenaude

Jason Willick

Allison Livingston

Christopher Morgan

Meloney Bean

Avery         Smith

Fran Brokmeyer

Christina Serna

Otto Retzer

Eric Hays

Todd & Jill Smith

Christie Beck

Kathy& Mike Stewart

Grace Strebeck

Jake Tomczyszyn

Peter Tumminello

Bob Morgan

Alisson Reese

Rita Millwee

Kelly Graham

Christina Journagan

Amanda Anderson

Michelle Michalak

Rebecca Stillwagon

Skylar Smith

Rohit Chhabra

Katelyn Martin

Melissa Duncan

Cesar Perez

Mahesh & Rupa Vyas

Matthew Hunt

Lindsey Fridge

Leslie Wheeler

Marshall Lang

Kimberly Robertshaw

Joseph Lay

Nancy Priemer

Angela Evans

Christine Abbott

Chris Lawson

Maureen O’Leary

Tim Quarles

Anita Kaw

Terri  Price

Jon Litt

Sara Fasti

Clara Holub

Shelley Spector

Erin Jones-Morris

Emily          Terry

Jeffrey Bortz

Vinit Singh

Ben Bredthauer

Stephen Young

Carter Campbell

Jon Hlavinka

Houston Board Team

Charles Winston

Matt Speer

Suzette Lang